Tennis, Anyone?

A Dutch friend recently posted on Facebook that he is continually surprised by the petite amount of vacation time we Americans are allotted and astonished that many don’t even take what they’ve been given. I assured him that I have plans percolating that would require 14 months’ of vacation. This is a serious problem. For my employer. Not for me.

I would love to see each of the Grand Slam tennis tournaments including the Australian and French Opens and Wimbledon. But, given vacation limitations, I wasn’t able to get to them in 2013. So I indulged in my annual expedition to the US Open – one of the perks of living within a stone’s throw of NYC. Flushing Meadows certainly isn’t Paris, but the Open is the world’s largest annual sporting event.USOpen FlushingMeadows Tennis Continue reading

High Times on the High Line

Tsq_green_chairs_jehWhen NYC does something wrong, it does it really wrong. For example, the pedestrian plaza in Times Square. Closing midtown blocks to vehicular traffic so tourists can gawk at the neon signs must have seemed like a good idea to someone. I’m sure visitors enjoy it but New Yorkers regard the area as they would a toxic waste site. Continue reading

Sitting on the Sidelines? Tips for Surviving Travel Sports Trips

Some choose budget travel; others have budget travel thrust upon them. Legions of families will hit the road this summer to spend hundreds of hours sitting on fields or in rinks watching their children participate in travel sports. For many, these weekend trips have replaced traditional family vacations. It’s kind of like being sentenced to leisure prison since you have no say in the planning. These 5 tips can make your time less like a punishment and help you wring some pleasure out of your jock-strap holiday.shutterstock_30353353 Continue reading

Fruity Water

Lean in.


I want to tell you about my first time.

It happened in the lobby of the Myrtle Beach Marriott.

Photo: Myrtle Beach Marriott Resort at Grande Dunes

We collapsed into the tasteful British Colonial plantation chairs after too many hours on the road. Myrtle was the tail end of a whirlwind roadtrip through the Carolinas that included Asheville, Raleigh, Durham, 5 kids, 4 adults.

And it was hot. Continue reading